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Your MusicDB has been designed to provide a means for easily maintaining music collections for all types of media (LPs, CDs, books, etc.)  It is written using Java, so it will run on any operating system that supports Java2 (1.3 or higher).  The Java runtime environment is freely available for Microsoft Windows and many other operating systems from the Sun Corporation.

Key Features:

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The minimum requirements for running:

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For ease of use, most windows use explorer/view model.  The explorer is on the left side of the window and displays a scrollable list of items (songs or albums) and the view occupies the right side showing the detail for the selected item in the explorer.  Your MusicDB also uses tables extensively with a convenient navigator at the bottom

Explorer-view model

Figure 1 -- Explorer-view model

Table Navigator Buttons

The navigator buttons can be used to change the selected table row, add new rows, delete rows, and move rows up or down.  Some if the buttons will only appear in the navigator when the operation is available.  The text box displays the current selected row along with the total number of rows in the table.

Button Description
First Row
Previous or up one row
Next or down one row
Last row
Add a new row below selected row
Delete selected row
Move selected row(s) up
Move selected row(s) down
Display more information

Explorer Icons

The icons below are used in album explorers to provide a visual indication of the album type.

Icon Description
Cassette or 8-Track
CD, CD-2Fer, Mini-CD
LP, LP-10", 45 RPM
Albums In personal Collection
All other media

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MemTurbo A utility that sells for $19.95 and recaptures fragmented memory on Microsoft Windows machines.  Recapturing fragmented memory greatly reduces the dreaded Blue Screen of Death and constant reboots that we all experience so often.  This is the one that I use, although there are many others to choose from
pdfFactory A great print utility that sells for $49.95 and creates PDF output from any Microsoft Windows program.   A free version is available, but displays a message at the bottom of each page.  Very useful during report design to preview the entire output of a printed report before sending it to a printer.   Many trees can be saved!!!!
Registry Cleaner A free utility to clean the Miscrsodt Windows reistry.  Keeping your system registry clean enhances system performance

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