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TabOrganizer is one of those programs that makes you think Why would I need it?, then after using it for awhile you think What did I do without it?  It has been designed to easily organize and maintain your tablature collection.  It currently recognizes tablatures created by GuitarPro, PowerTab, TablEdit and text tabs (ASCII, Chord , Lyric).  Additional formats will be added to meet user demand.  It will also be expanded to handle MIDI, MP3, RealMedia and other audio formats as the meaningful information can be extracted from the files.  It is written using Java, so it will run on any operating system that supports Java2 (1.3 or higher).  The Java runtime environment is freely available for Microsoft Windows and many other operating systems from the Sun Corporation.  Please take a few moments to review the terminology used in this document.

Key Features:


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The minimum requirements for running:


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For ease of use, the main Tablature window uses an explorer/view model.  The explorer is on the left side of the window and displays a scrollable list of tablatures and the view occupies the right side showing the detail for the selected item in the explorer.  At the top of the Explorer is a Quick Find textbox.  As you type into the text box, it will auto-fill with the song names.  Generally only a few letters of the song title will locate a tablature. The auto-fill dropdown boxes work in the same manner.

Figure 1 -- Explorer-view model


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The visual look of the application can be changed by selecting various options from the Look & Feel and Themes menu items.  

The Look and Feel gives you options for setting the visual appearance of the program window to match your operating system's normal appearance (Windows, MAC & Unix).  Note, for copyright reasons, the Windows & MAC Look & Feel options are only enabled on the respective operating system.  You cannot use a MAC look and feel on Windows, and you cannot use a Windows Look and Feel on MAC's.

The Themes menu provides various color combinations for the program when when one of the Modern look and feel items is selected in the Look and Feel menu. 


Resetting Demo  Top of Page

The Special menu contains an option to reset the demo version of TabOrganizer.  Selecting this menu item will reset the demo version of the the database, by deleting all tablatures and songs, deleting all files from the program storage folders, restoring the sample tablature files in the NewTabs and AutoLoad folders and resetting to demo counter to zero.  This will enables you to continue evaluating the program once you have reached the demo limit of adding fifty tablatures.


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The Special menu contains an option to Un-Install TabOrganizer.  Selecting this option will remove all folders and files from your installation directory that were created during the initial install process.  It uses the information from the InstallInfo.txt to determine what to delete.  It will NOT delete any files that were added to any folder in the installation directory that you have added.  Therefore, you may have to delete the installation folder after the Un-Install operation has completed.


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pdfFactory A great print utility that sells for $49.95 and creates PDF output from any Microsoft Windows program.   A free version is available, but displays a message at the bottom of each page.  Very useful during report design to preview the entire output of a printed report before sending it to a printer.   Many trees can be saved!!!!
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