Solving Soundfont Problems

Soundfont configuration lost after rebooting (SB-Live! cards).


The soundfont bank and cache reverts back to the soundcard installation defaults, (on my PC it was 4GMGSMT and 12MB-cache).


  1. Click on the Start bar and select Run...
  2. Type RegEdit in the small window that opens.
  3. Double-click HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE folder
  4. Double-click Software folder
  5. Double-click Creative Tech folder
  6. Double-click Devcon folder
  7. In the Devcon folder, you will several folders.  Locate the folder labeled Installation Default.  Right-Click on the folder and select Rename from the menu that appears.
  8. Place the cursor at the end of Installation Default and type ORIG so the new name looks line Installation DefaultORIG.
  9. Close the window and re-boot your machine.
  10. If your preferred configuration and cache size appear after re-boot, the problem is solved.  You can then follow steps 1-7 again, but now select Delete rather than Rename from the menu in step 7.
  11. If this does not solve your problem, contact Creative Labs support.

Solution supplied by Creative Labs support desk