Soundfont Library

These soundfonts are optimized for use in TablEdit to provide a more realistic guitar sound.  All soundfonts are compressed with SFArk to obtain the smallest download size. SFArk is available for downloading in the utilities section below. The fonts are also available in ZIP format.

The MP3 samples were recorded from TablEdit using the respective soundfont.

Soundfont ZIP MP3 Description
Electric Guitar (Clean)
   (3,068KB / 1,195KB)
.Zip A clean electric guitar reminiscent of Chet Atkins early recordings. The sample is Chet's ""Hidden Charm"
LK-Godin Nylon
   (1,141KB / 400KB)
.Zip An electric nylon guitar sampled from a Godin Multiac nylon.  The sample is Chet's "On The Road Again"
LK-Nylon Guitar
   (1,040KB / 260KB)
.Zip A very realistic un-amplified nylon string guitar.  The sample is Guy Van Duser's "Embraceable You"
LK-Acoustic Steel
   (2,394KB / 1,054KB)
.Zip A very realistic un-amplified acoustic steel string guitar.  The sample is an arrangement of "You've Lost That Livin' Feeling"
8MBGMSCustom (Bank)
   (9,564KB / 5,570KB)
.Zip   Modified default SB-Live! 8MBGMSFX soundfont bank by replacing "024-Nylon Guitar" with LK-Nylon-Guitar and "027-Clean Guitar" with LK-Godin-Nylon.
LK-Guitar (Bank)
   (11,863KB / 6,570KB)
.Zip   Modified 8MBGMSCustom soundfont bank by replacing "024-Nylon Guitar" with LK-Nylon-Guitar, "025-Steel Guitar" with LK-Acoustic Steel and "027-Clean Guitar" with LK-Godin-Nylon.
Utilities Description
   (509 KB)
Utility to compress/uncompress soundfonts on this site
   (196 KB)
Another utility used by some sites to compress/uncompress soundfonts.