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Java Runtime Environments
Sun Corporation Sun provides free downloads for most platforms. Click the Get It Now button on ant page to access their automatic update process.  If the runtime environment for your platform is not listed, it should be available from one of the other two links.

Apple Computer, Inc. Apple has licensed Java to run on it's platform.  Java2 1.3 is a standard part of the OS-X operating system. The latest version can be located at the Apple web site. 

NOTE: Apple has decided not to maintain Java on their older operating systems. The most recent Java version for older MACs is Java 1.1.8.  As such, El-Kay software products will not run on older MACs.

Other Sun maintains a page of Java ports to other platforms (not supported by Sun). Check this link, if an runtime environment cannot be found above.

Microsoft Windows Utilities
MemTurbo A utility that sells for $19.95 and recaptures fragmented memory on Microsoft Windows machines. Recapturing fragmented memory greatly reduces the dreaded Blue Screen of Death and constant reboots that we all experience so often. This is the one that we use, although there are many others to choose from

pdfFactory A great print utility that sells for $49.95 and creates PDF output from any Microsoft Windows program.  A free version is available, but displays a message at the bottom of each page.  Very useful during report design to preview the entire output of a printed report before sending it to a printer. Many trees can be saved!!!!

Registry Cleaner A free utility to clean the Microsoft Windows registry. Keeping your system registry clean enhances system performance

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