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Prior to installing TabOrganizer or Your MusicDB, Java2 1.3 or higher must be installed on your PC, preferably Java 1.5.  If you are not sure whether you have the proper Java runtime environment, The Sun Corporation has made it very easy to obtain the latest runtime environment version with their automatic update page, or click on any of the Get It Now buttons.

Note To Windows Users: There is no need to download a Java VM update from the Microsoft web site.

The download files are self-extracting zip files. They will extract all files into a default installation directory C:\Apps\. You can change the installation directory to one of your choice, but it is recommended that you use the default. The program will automatically start at the end of the installation.

There is a desktop shortcut located in the installation directory. Drag the shortcut onto your desktop, and you can lauch the program by double-clicking the desktop icon. Note: if you choose a different installation directory, you will have to change the desktop icon to point to your installation directory.

Mac and Linux users can download the zip file to install the program. You will have to create shortcuts manually. The executable is mdb.jar for MusicDB and EKtorg.jar for TabOrganizer. The porgams should work if you hava Java 1.4 of higher installed in your computer.

Note: To un-install either program, just delete the installation folder. The programs do use the Eindows registry or other operating system files.

  Download TabOrganizer - 1.1.5

  Download Your MusicDB

Databases and Image Packs

Unzip the downloaded databases (.dbk files) into the databases folder of your installation directory.

Unzip the image packs into your installation directory.  The images will be located in separate performer folders within the covers folder. All databases are configured to load the images from the these folders.

Performer Database ImagePack
Cal Denison Zip (21KB) Zip (49KB)
   4-CD, 4-Cassette, 1-DVD, 2-Video Tape



Chet Atkins  Zip (691KB) Zip (2,4MB)
   116-LP, 73-CD, 12-CD (2 Fer), 49-Cassette, 104-45 RPM, 62-78 RPM, 9-8 Track, 4-LP (10"), 7-DVD, 11-Tape Video, 22-Book Music, 2-Book Text



Tony Mottola Zip (144KB) Zip (403KB)
   46-LP, 12-CD, 22-Cassette, 11-45 RPM, 1-78 RPM, 3-8 Track, 4-Tape Audio, 3-Book Music

Jerry Reed Zip (265KB) Zip (845KB)
   56-LP, 28-CD, 8-CD (2-Fer), 13-Cassette,
105-45 RPM, 31-8 Track, 1-DVD, 8-Book Music

Linda Ronstadt Zip (158KB) Zip (320KB)
   22-LP, 36-CD, 30-Cassette



James Taylor Coming soon


Ken Goddard

I cannot thank Ken enough for his contributions to the Chet Atkins database and image pack.

Download software and Your MusicDB discographies.

Looking for help - docs & FAQs

Resources - utilities & Java Runtime.


08/21/2006 - Your MusicDB and TabOrganizer are available as a free download. They are fully functional.

08/27/2002 - The Jerry Reed discography database has been added to available performer databases.

07/23/2002 - The Tony Mottola discography database has been added to available performer databases.

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