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Note: Some email programs may not transfer message text properly from a web page. If you receive a warning that reads Could not perform this operation because the default mail client is not installed properly, or nothing happens when you click the Submit button or the mail program opens and the text in the message area contains many %20, %0A or %0D characters, then follow these steps:
  • Click the Preview button to generate the name/email text at the beginning of the body message.
  • Click the Highlight All button, then press CTRL-C to copy the the highlighted text to your clipboard.
  • Click the Email button to start your email program.
  • Delete all text in your email program message area.
  • Press CTRL-V to paste the text from the clipboard.

Instructions    Top Of Page
  1. Before submitting any tablatures, ensure you have completed the Title Information from the TablEdit Score menu. The song name is entered in the Title text area. The composer name and date composed (if available) in the Author text area. If the composer name is not known, other valid entries in the Author text area are Traditional, Anonymous, or Unknown. Additional information such as the arranger, recorded source, etc. should be entered in the Comments text area.
  2. In the form above, enter you full name and email address.
  3. Select the tablature(s) to be submitted. All tablature names must end with .tef. You can enter a tablature with one of these methods:
    • Type the full tablature name into the Tablature: text area.
    • Click the Browse... button and select the file name using your system file requestor.
    If you enter a tablature that is already in the list, you will be notified. The Web Page: and Collection: will be updated accordingly.
  4. (Optional) Using the Web Page selection list, select the suggested web page on which the tablature should be added.
  5. (Optional) Using the Collection selection list, select the suggested collection in which the tablature should be added.
  6. Steps 4-5 are optional. If you are not sure where they should be added, set both text areas to Unknown.
  7. Repeat steps 3-6 for each additional tablature. You will notice that the tablature, web page and collection will be listed in the Body section of the above form for each tablature.
  8. To delete a tablature from the list displayed in the Body, highlight the Tablature:, Web Page: and Collection: lines for the tablature, press the Delete key, then click the Preview button to refresh the tablature list.
  9. Beneath Comments: in the Body of the form, enter any additional information you wish to pass on to the librarian.
  10. Click the Preview button to view the message as it will be sent to the librarian, or click the Submit button to load the message into your email program.
  11. If you click the Submit or Email button and no tablature(s) appear in the tablature list of the message, a warning message will appear, and you will not be transferred to your email program.
  12. The tabs are not attached to the email automatically. YOU MUST ATTACH THE TABLATURE(S) USING YOUR EMAIL PROGRAM!! The preferred method is to include all tablatures in one zipped file.